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Ron Paul comes in Third for Iowa Caucus

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The Iowa Caucuses had a record-breaking turnout, topping their current record set in 2008. Many of these were first time Caucus goers. If Paul can continue to bring in new voters, he will maintain his major lifeline. Ron Paul gave an encouraging speech to supporters when it became clear he would have to settle for third in Iowa, tonight. The most surprising success, however, goes to Rick Santorum.

Santorum has some problems, though. reported that Santorum made visits to four different Caucuses and did not alert the media because — get this — his staff didn’t know cameras were allowed inside the Caucus. This is the kind of “rookie mistake” that shows the caliber of the Santorum campaign. Until recently, Santorum has been shaking hands from his pickup truck. Can we expect a significant change? Probably. Santorum will likely rein in donations as a result of his success in Iowa that will help him put gas in his new bus — and hire some competent PR staff. However, now sights will be set on Santorum, and his past voting record and any old dirt will be dredged up that, until recently, had been ignored because of his obscurity in the polls.

Ron Paul moves on to New Hampshire, but should take caution. Jon Huntsman, who was a non-issue in Iowa when he retreated to New Hampshire, has standings similar to Paul, but without being as radical, and may steal votes from Paul if Huntsman can run a successful campaign in NH over the next week.


Written by Jonathan Mark

January 3, 2012 at 10:05 pm

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