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Wyoming for Ron Paul – Grassroots Letters to the Editor

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Wyoming Republicans for Ron Paul have begun a “Letters to the Editor” campaign on Facebook.

Ron Paul supporters are free to use this letter in its entirety or as a boilerplate for their own letter to the editor. I wrote it with the typical Wyoming Republican in mind. Happy writing!

NOTE: I will send this one to the Casper papers. They might get testy if they receive more than one copy of the same letter.

FURTHER NOTE: Remember to put YOUR NAME in the letter. In your email to the Editor, include your name, address, and phone number or they might not publish the letter.


Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to 2012 Presidential Candidate, and Texas Congressman, Ron Paul.

As you may know, Paul finished third in the Iowa Caucuses, bringing out many first time caucus-goers, and is raising millions of dollars online. In spite of this, I believe many people are still learning about Ron Paul, and want to know more.

Ron Paul, more than any other candidate, stands for policies that maximize personal liberty and minimize government encroachment into our lives. Ron Paul is a Pro-Life candidate. Practicing as an OB/GYN, he has delivered over 4,000 infants. Paul is committed to preserving the right to LIVE.

Ron Paul has worked in healthcare for many years. He will fight to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with laws that will allow purchases of health insurance across state lines, and provide tax credits and deductions for all medical expenses.

Ron Paul will fight to abolish the death tax, capital gains tax, income tax, and eliminate tax on gratuities (restaurant server tips) to help American’s working in the food service industry while attending school.

Ron Paul will fight to END THE FED, the pseudo-governmental entity that creates money out of thin air and devaluates the dollar to make us pay for corporate mistakes!

Ron Paul will continue to protect gun rights. He has never once voted for any legislation that would threaten our Second Amendment Rights.

Ron Paul is a humble, religious conservative who loves liberty. He was the only presidential candidate to go home to Texas on the Sunday before the Iowa caucuses. Political analysts criticized Paul for taking a break only two days before the polls opened, but Ron Paul had his priorities straight! While others were shaking hands and eating pizza on TV, Paul was at home, with his family.

Readers can learn more about Ron Paul on his official campaign website:


For America,

Jonathan Mark


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