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Soldier for Ron Paul in Legal Trouble: Army Reserve Says He “Stands Alone” in His Beliefs

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Cpl. Jesse Thorsen, 28, an Army reservist, may face legal action for appearing at a Ron Paul rally in uniform. Thorsen is the same soldier who was interviewed in the controversial CNN cut-off video, where he expressed his desire for a “peacetime army.” The video cut off when Thorsen expressed his objection to “nitpicking wars with other countries,” mentioning Iran, and adding a technically-distorted comment about Israel before the video finally died.

Thorsen was attending a Ron Paul rally, and was invited on stage to shake hands with the presidential candidate. Drew Ivers, a spokesman for Paul’s Iowa campaign, said the appearance of Cpl. Throsen was not planned.

Army Reserve spokeswoman Maj. Angel Wallace issued a statement saying that participating in a partisan political function in uniform is in violation of Defense Department rules, adding that Thorsen “stands alone in his opinions regarding his political affiliation and beliefs, and his statements and beliefs in no way reflect that of the Army Reserve.”

ABC News also felt obliged to post the details of Thorsen’s criminal history.

Cpl. Thorsen satisfied his resulting probation in 2007.


Written by Jonathan Mark

January 5, 2012 at 8:45 pm

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