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What would a Ron Paul presidency mean to private interest groups?

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In an earlier article, My Liberty NOW wrote about the storm of attacks the media are waging on Texas congressmen and presidential candidate Ron Paul. It seems odd that financial private interest groups, who were influential enough to get congress to pass the bailouts of 2008, would not want someone like Ron Paul for president. Instead, the congressman has to rely on 18-30 year olds to make YouTube videos to promote Paul’s cause. Financial private interests have been trying for years, and succeeding, in decreasing federal regulations and praising the “free market” and “capitalism,” to the masses. Paul stands for deregulation, and the capitalist free market, probably stronger than any other candidate. So what gives?

The flavor of “free market capitalism” exposed by banking and financial private interest is actually not “free market” at all. Free market capitalism exists by a “law of the jungle” mentality, that does not assume government bailouts or other government-subsidized externalities, such as using US tax money to build private, money making assets, or buy-out failing businesses like GM, or using US law to compel purchasing of private insurance, or using US troops to guard private assets in the Middle East, namely oil lines.

In the law of the jungle, the government has a “hands-off” policy in the business world – abstaining from both regulations and private safetynetting. Today, we live in a world where private interest groups have their cake and eat it too: deregulation is more pervasive each year, but so is private safetynetting, and therefore, not a real free market society. “Too Big To Fail” is not part of a real free market – and they know Ron Paul knows that.


Written by Jonathan Mark

January 6, 2012 at 8:30 am

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