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“Liberty” group attacks Huntsman for speaking Chinese: Good grief!

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This attack ad was posted on YouTube on January 4th, depicting Jon Huntsman speaking Mandarin and taking personal stabs at his adopted, Chinese children. The ad depicts Huntsman as Chairman-Mao and questions his American “values.” To make matters worse, the group calls themselves “New Hampshire Liberty 4 Paul,” as in Ron Paul.

Having lived in Japan for nearly two years myself, and speaking a fair amount of Japanese, should my values be questioned, too? Is my face to be superimposed on the shoulders of Emperor Showa, in full military regalia, sounding the charge on Pearl Harbor?

Several articles in the press have commented on Paul fan’s enthusiastic nature, but this is extreme, and inexcusable. The fact that Huntsman knows Chinese, has adopted Chinese daughters, should be a reason to vote for the man in this new era of internationalism. After all, China isn’t going anywhere. And while Huntsman backs many similar positions as Ron Paul, it is a shame that Paul supporters are taking it upon himself to make such shallow criticisms of the former Utah governor.

In a personal attempt to compensate for this childish tactic of some ambiguous Ron Paul group, here is Jon Huntsman’s campaign site. Donate today. And kindly remove your cranium from your posterior the next time you try to help the Ron Paul campaign.

Notably, the YouTube video has received an avalanche of negative feedback from the community, and, with all due respect, there are too many of them to all be Huntsman supporters.


Written by Jonathan Mark

January 7, 2012 at 3:23 pm

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