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Obama’s withdraw from Iraq: Too “bold” for politics

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An article by Marc Lynch on credited Obama with the Iraq withdraw as being more for policy, and less for politics. “In many ways, it would have been safer politically for Obama to keep the residual force in Iraq which hawks demanded to insulate himself against charges of having ‘lost Iraq’.” said Lynch.

Its true that American forces did little to stop the looting that strangled Baghdad only days after the iconic statue of Sadam Husein fell. American policy in Baghdad disbanded the entire Iraqi army, leaving thousands of bitter, gun-savvy soldiers wandering the street without a means to support their families.  Firefights broke out around the city, kidnappings and other gang-business became prevalent, and the people’s desperation allowed fundamentalist clerics to rise to power. Public offices were sacked, and museums were burned and items looted. In fact, the only infrastructure that was defended by American troops when they hit the ground was — you guessed it — the oil lines. The question must be asked, what would US forces be doing for the Iraqi people, if they stayed? Not much.

About 75% of America supported Obama’s call for withdraw. Indeed, it seems obtuse to assume the American people were ever really interested in “spreading democracy” in the first place. And now with unemployment on the rise, the failing purchasing power of the dollar, and the increasing national debt, Iraq has been all but forgotten in American discourse — and good riddance to it.

Iraq was Bush’s war, not ours. Thank God it’s over, and welcome home, boys.


Written by Jonathan Mark

January 17, 2012 at 9:42 am

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