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Iowa Caucus: Anti-Paul storm hits Internet

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On the day of the first caucus of our nation’s primary election, the internet is exploding with anti-Ron Paul articles. Virtually all of these criticize Paul for his radical ideas, some saying his proposals about the economy would worsen the situation, rather than better it. Santorum is calling Paul disgusting. Even Donald Trump is weighing in against Dr. Paul. What many of these articles lack, of course, is a rational explanation as to why Paul’s ideas would fail, and even less likely to offer an alternative.

Doesn’t it make you wonder, though, if Ron Paul is ignorantly promoting big-business interests…why the hell don’t they back him? If Paul would do nothing but widen the gap between the rich and the poor, and foot the middle class with the bill, why doesn’t he get more air time on Fox News and the debates? Something doesn’t add up.

Ron Paul’s principles would increase competition in the market. That means profits become more difficult to obtain, and maintain. But most importantly, Ron Paul’s policies would bar businesses from dumping their expense (externalities) on the taxpayer,such as: government-subsided construction of private assets, government bail-outs, and government buyouts of toxic private assets. Baring corporations from these threaten profits by taking away corporations’ usual strategy to minimize costs (thereby increase profit) through tax money. Your money.

The argument of Austrian Economics in light of our sound-byte, gossip news falls on deft ears of the masses — but not the establishment. They get it. They fear it. They give millions in advertising to the media companies. If Ron Paul truly was a champion of corporate interest, they wouldn’t be relying on 18-year-olds to make YouTube videos to promote Paul’s agenda. Think about it.


Written by Jonathan Mark

January 3, 2012 at 9:04 am